Job fair

Asiste a nuestra feria virtual de empleadores, dónde podrás entrevistarte directamente con tu empleador. 

Precio del programa: USD$1485 *hasta el 15 de Febrero.  Después de esta fecha el costo sube USD$75

El Pago de la entrevista (COP$100.000) y el primer pago (Application Fee de USD$300 a la TRM del día), debes hacerlos en nuestra cuenta COLPATRIA a través de un comprobante de recaudo empresarial No.4382171123, a nombre de Primavera Camping Tours con la siguiente información:

  • ● Referencia No. 1 número de cédula
  • ● Referencia No. 2 teléfono fijo
  • ● Referencia No. 3 celular

Una vez realices el pago no olvides enviar el comprobante al correo:

El segundo pago (Acceptance Fee USD$1185) lo puedes hacer con tarjeta de crédito a través de footprints o en Western Union (Giros y Finanzas).

Al hacerlo por Western Union debes solicitar un formato de PAGO RÁPIDO y diligenciarlo asi :

  • ● Valor: (Valor que vas a consignar)
  • ● Nombre de la Empresa: Camp Counselors USA
  • ● Ciudad /Código de Ciudad: Camp Counselors, CA.
  • ● Nombre: (Tu nombre)
  • ● Dirección: (Tu dirección)
  • ● No de Remitente/Cuenta: (Poner el código del participante)







*Skype fair April 15th


We are excited to welcome guests back to Vail for the summer season. Whether enjoying a scenic lift ride or discovering new wildflowers on a mountain trail, our goal is to ensure guests feel safe and have fun.

*Housing 400-700 USD al mes según la ubicación
*Candidatos deben tener disponibilidad hasta después de mediados de Agosto.
*Pago: 12.75 USD / hora.

Cinnamon Shore

*Skype fair on March 25th

It’s a resort community along the beautiful beaches in Southern Texas, along the Gulf of Mexico. They have condos they rent out.
Cinnamon Shore is a vacation rental company that consistently provides 5 star service. The company is growing and it would be a great experience for students to be exposed to our beach life environment we offer.

Housing $125 + tax x semana
*Pago: 13 USD / hora. + Tips

Mt Olympus

*Skype fair por confirmarth

Mt. Olympus is the largest water and theme park in the Dells. Featuring five hair-raising roller coasters, including Hades 360 with an upside-down 360- degree roll and a 65-degree drop, 7 go-kart tracks, 44 steep and slippery slides, Poseidon’s Rage Surf Pool and more! 200 acres of theme park and water park fun! Located in Wisconsin Dells, the waterpark capital of the world!

*Fechas disponibilidad: Empezando entre el 1 de Mayo al 1 de Junio y terminando el 30 de Agosto

***Deben tener buen nivel de ingles.***

Housing y Alimentacion $95 x semana
*Pago: 10 USD / hora. +1USD por hora trabajada en el mes de Agosto

SkyWheel Myrtle Beach

*Skype fair on March 11 th

Located at the heart of the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, SkyWheel Myrtle Beach is an observation wheel standing 200-feet above sea level, giving you a whole new perspective of all the beauty the Grand Strand has to offer. The SkyWheel is an unforgettable experience that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean both day and night! Each flight is a unique experience for children and adults of all ages.

*No Housing
*Candidatos deben tener buenas fechas de disponibilidad.
*Pago: 10 USD / hora.


* 2nd Skype fair on February 25th

Much more than a candy store. I LOVE SUGAR takes the candy we all love and delivers a magical and breathtaking experience. A 55' mega candy wall, chandeliers completely hand made from over 30,000 Gummy Bears hang from the ceilings, Candy Mosaics and other Art completely made out of candy are all found throughout the space which creates a candy museum-like experience. Come join our team and feel like a kid in a candy store each and every day

***They have two locations – Panama City Beach, Florida and Myrtle Beach, SC. But it’s ultimately up to the employer to decide which location you will go after interviewing you.***

*No Housing
*Pago: 9-10 USD / hora.

Jenkinson's Pavilion


*Skype fair por confirmar (ABRIL)th

Jenkinson's is one of the premier family destinations on the Jersey Shore. The work environment is very customer service oriented. Your work hours may fluctuate depending on different variables such as weather or business levels. Jenkinson's Boardwalk is approximately a mile long destination on the Jersey Shore with a wide variety of attractions perfect for the whole family. Attractions include an Aquarium, Amusement Park, arcades, and games of chance. We have three mini-golf courses, batting cages, and sweet shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.
*Fechas disponibilidad: Empezando el 15 de Mayo y terminando el 30 de Agosto

Housing 125 x week
*Pago: 11.3 USD / hora

Boyne Highlands

*Skype fair por confirmar

Find joy and fun year-round at Boyne Highlands. In the spring, summer and fall, families come together for a retreat from the ordinary. Whether you choose to enjoy the championship golf or a plethora of resort and area activities Boyne Highlands is your ideal home base.

*Housing $250 x Month
Housekeepers - $13.00 Kitchen Workers - $12.00 Ride Operators - $11.00
*Deben tener disponibilidad del 1 de Junio hasta el 30 de Agosto.

The Hangout

(entre Hangout y Sunliner Diner)
*Skype fair on January 29th

The Hangout is a fun place to hang out on the beach!
The restaurant during the day has games in the courtyard, retail shops to visit, and food/beverage service. By night, it becomes more lively with DJ's and/or live entertainment.
So come hangout with us this summer!!

Housing $125 + tax x semana

*Pago: 6-10 USD / hora + Tips.

Adventures on the Gorge

*Skype fair on March 11th

Nestled in the heart of West Virginia, Adventures on the Gorge has combined a premier location, industry expertise, and a deep enthusiasm for adventure to create a vacation experience unlike any other. Drawn to the rim of the New River Gorge by world-class whitewater, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking, the founders of Adventures on the Gorge were driven to create a resort that could live up to the natural wonders that surrounded it.

Housing deducted from pay + Free transportation from airport, all activities are free to staff
*Pago: 9-10 USD / hora + Tips.

Back Porch Restaurant


*Skype fair March 25th

Located right across the street from one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. We are big on learning different cultures. An exchange visitor should choose our company because we are eager and very optimistic about teaching and showing the American culture to you. The Back Porch takes tremendous pride in serving Gulf seafood to its guests. Our standards are high and it shows in the presentation and flavor of every seafood dish we serve. We have two locations one in Destin and the other Panama City Beach.

*No Housing

*Pago: 5.63 + Tips, or, 11, 12 USD / hora.

Phoenix II, III, VI and VII (Brett-Robinson Gulf Corp)

*Skype fair on February 11th

Brett/Robinson provides vacationers with exactly what they need to have memorable times here on the Gulf Coast! For over 30 years, our families have been sharing the beach with visitors hailing from throughout the Southeast to Canada and around the world.

*Housing $125 x Week
*Pago: 12 USD / hora.

The Sunliner Diner
(Hangout Hospitality)

(entre Hangout y Sunliner Diner)
*Skype fair on January 29th

The Sunliner Diner is part of the Hangout Hospitality Group. The Sunliner Diner, in the heart of beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama, is turning back the hands of time – to the 1950s. The Sunliner Diner is the quintessential symbol of American culture, where family and friends can connect over hamburgers, cherry pie, and listen to rock-n-roll and even take a spin down Beach Road in one of the classics.

Housing $125 + tax x semana

*Pago: 5-9 USD / hora. + Tips

Dairymen's - A Country Club


*Skype fair on February 26th

Dairymen's is a remote private club in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. We are a 90-year old private club with 49 private cabins and 2 clubhouses. We also have 7000 acres of forest, 7 lakes, and lots of wildlife. We are a family environment that caters to families with our great programs for children

Housing 50 x week + Free transportation from airport, all activities are free to staff
*Pago: 12 USD / hora (Username: guest; Password: welcomeguest)